Adapting Your Role During Quarantine

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At a time like this, creators need to take precise, calculated action to survive. For creators in industries that are most affected by the pandemic, knowing what those precise, calculated actions are is difficult.

Therefore, to make these precise actions easier, this list of what you can do if you’re in an affected industry will help you adjust to these prevailing conditions.

What Are The Current Conditions?

Before diving into what you can do during these times to adapt, understand what are the “specific conditions,” so you know what the ideas and suggestions in this article hinge on.
Two crises are occurring; the first is the most obvious – the COVID-19 pandemic – the second is the economic fallout caused by the pandemic and lockdowns. Even once a vaccine is created, and countries come out of lockdown, the economic effects will last for significantly longer. Therefore, it’s necessary to prepare your content for both crises.

To help you adapt your new role to these conditions here are some ideas on how you can transform your content.

1. Travel Content

Travel bans are ravishing the travel industry. However, there’s not much you can do to adapt to travel content is there? Not if you’re using raw travel content.

During this time, instead of focusing on adapting your travel content, focus on adapting your content so you’re sharing skills you’ve learned from being an avid traveler. Great examples of this are: how you manage a budget or time, how you create DIY products to do everyday tasks (like DIY shampoos or conditioners when traveling in remote locations), how you stay in shape, etc. As a content creator specializing in travel content, you can combine travel themes with practical and relevant how to’s and guidance.

2. Live Entertainment

The One World: At Home Together concert held on Saturday, 18 April is just one example of how you can adapt live entertainment to digital mediums. This is an excellent segue to the primary idea: organize live events with other musicians, artists, comedians, or actors to create at-home shows.

To diversify your income, examine creating pre-recorded content like songs, comedy shows, movies, documentaries, podcasts, etc.

Lastly, you can monetize your expertise by teaching your skills to others.

3. Caterers

Catering may not be a primary industry being hit by the pandemic, but this secondary industry is also feeling the negative economic impact of the lockdowns. There are fewer catering gigs due to the cancellation and banning of live shows and large gatherings. But, as a small caterer, there are ways to generate income during the lockdown. One idea is to create packaged meals to deliver to people’s homes. You can create prepared meals and deliver those meals according to a preassigned schedule. Similar to a meal prep service, except you’re also doing the cooking. Diversify your income by catering to small-scale events like anniversaries and birthdays which will still take place.

4. Personal Trainers and Fitness Community

In most countries, gyms are some of the first businesses to close down as a result of the pandemic, leaving those in this industry without their regular clients (and regular income). There are two traditional routes you can take to adapt: do one-on-one consulting with clients to personalize health and fitness plans that are adjusted to isolation and social distancing. Secondly, and to maximize your time, conduct boot camps where you’re joined by a larger group of clients who participate in live workout sessions.

5. Photographers

Like travel influencers, photographers – in all niches – are being affected by the pandemic. Now you can’t make your way to clients to take photographs or visit exotic locations. But, the need for beautiful pictures will never disappear, as you can see by the increased engagement on Instagram. To adapt your content, reach out to existing clients and offer them a remote service – giving them advice on a zoom call to capture their pictures, and then editing these pictures. You can also expand your income streams by creating photography courses based on your specific niche.

If your industry hasn’t been mentioned on this list, there are still ways for you to adapt your business to these times, you can simply learn how to make your offline-first business a digital behemoth with this step by step guide.

Now over to you, how have you adapted your content for quarantine, and what have been your results?

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