Adobe’s Helping Creators Worldwide With $1 Million Fund

Adobe announced last week that it would be launching a $1 million fund to assist creators worldwide. This is much-welcomed news as creators have been waiting for an all-encompassing fund that isn’t limited to a specific location or industry.

Unlike other creator-focused funds, Adobe’s fund assists creators with projects that they’re currently working on or will be working on in the future. In this way, the fund works as an extension of Adobe’s long-running Community Fund.

Applying For Adobe’s Community Fund

Creators can apply for the fund by either selecting to be eligible to work on a project commissioned by Adobe or they can request funding for projects they have in the pipeline.

The fund is currently offering between $500 to $5000 to creators who are eligible and make it through the selection process.

In addition, Adobe is encouraging creators to only submit their best work or projects, as fund recipients can only apply once.

This is a great opportunity to get funding for your project, as having an illustrious company like Adobe fund your project will do wonders in enabling further collaboration with other brands and companies.

Who Is Eligible For Adobe’s $1 Million Fund?

Adobe will be paying close attention not only to the project you submit but the sort of creator you are. The motto of Adobe’s Creative Residency Community Fund is “Create. Share. Activate. Empower.” Therefore, preference will be given to creators who create personally fulfilling work and who activate other creators by empowering them with knowledge. Furthermore, as this fund is linked to Adobe Creative Cloud, projects that utilize the software in Creative Cloud will be given preference.

If you’d like to work on an Adobe commissioned project, or if you’d like funding for your project, you can find out all about the fund here.

You can also get an idea of the selection process by viewing the projects of current residents in the program as well as the Fund’s alumni.

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