Best Games To Stream on Twitch

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The best games to stream on Twitch may not always be the most popular. If you want to grow your audience on Twitch you want to stream games that have more viewers, but also that have fewer streamers streaming them. This increases the viewer to streamer ratio and increases your chances of being found.

The best games to stream on Twitch will be games that have more viewers, fewer streamers, and a handful of popular streamers. But the best games for you to stream will also depend on the type of streamer you are. Therefore, to help you decide what games to stream to get the best results, you should first consider the type of streamer you are.

The Three Categories of Streamers on Twitch

Variety Streamer

As a variety streamer, you’re playing for growth. You’ll stream any game that brings in more viewers and helps you grow on the platform. Unlike a pro gamer, you may not have many mechanical skills or proficiencies in the game you’re playing, but you’re willing to make the stream more entertaining for the average viewer. And unlike the niche gamer, you may not be streaming a game because it’s interesting to you. Although there are many variety streamers, using this strategy can be more detrimental if you’re trying to rank in Twitch’s directory.

Pro Gamer

If you have some gaming prowess and have managed to ascend the ranks of your favorite games – to a level most players won’t reach – you have an advantage. This doesn’t mean you only have to play the game where you are highly ranked, but it increases your authority among viewers, giving you an edge if you play a game where your proficiencies will be on display. For example, if you have excellent aim, there are several games you can stream where that skill will be on display and where you can ascend through the ranks fairly easily.

Niche Streamer

As a niche streamer, you’re most likely streaming more obscure games and doing it for fun. Your goal may be to grow your audience, but your primary reason for streaming is to share your love of the game with others. 

The Best Games To Stream On Twitch Based Stats

Before you decide whether to invest your time streaming a game, it’s crucial that you’re aware of the viewer-to-player ratio for the game. Some of the most popular games may have lower viewer-to-streamer ratios because there are more streamers, essentially saturating the market.
Therefore, to ensure your decision is an informed one, our ratios are based on the average amount of viewers throughout the day compared to the average amount of streamers for that day.

Popular Games

Watch Dogs: Legions

Taking place in a dystopian London, Watch Dogs: Legions is an enthralling action-adventure game. As the third installment of Watch Dogs, Watch Dogs: Legions has an average of 284 viewers per live streamer.

Among Us

Among Us is experiencing a resurgence like no other after two years of obscurity. Now the average viewer to streamer ratio for the game is 57 to 1. Although that’s less than some of the niche games on this list, the game does offer a quick rise to the top if you’re good at streaming.

Fall Guys: The Ultimate Knockout

Commonly, popular games have lower player-to-viewer ratios. It isn’t any different with Fall Guys, as the game only has a 43 to 1 viewer to streamer ratio. However, because the game doesn’t have such an entrenched community of viewers, it’s still possible to ascend the game’s directory.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released in March 2020, and as newer games go, experienced some hype on streaming platforms.

Because there isn’t that much historical data on whether this game performs well over time, you can include it as a part of your streaming strategy just to stay on top of a trend.

The games viewer to streamer ratio? 41 to 1. 

Dota 2

The second highest viewer-to-streamer ratio at 73 to 1 at any given time, Dota 2, can help you gain traction with a strong community. It’s almost equal parts niche and popular game, so it is the best of both worlds.

Niche Games

Something to keep in mind before you embark on any of these niche games because the numbers are too good to pass up is that niche games often have an entrenched community of viewers who have a favorite streamer. Trying to infiltrate that community can be more work than you’re willing to put in, but if you love the game, the results will be welcome.

Spelunky 2

Only 8,178 viewers are watching Spelunky 2 streams at any given time, but because there are only 58 channels streaming Spelunky 2, the ratio of viewers to streamers is 141 to 1.

Party Animals

Still in the demo phase, Party Animals is quickly gaining traction on Twitch. The game’s official release date is only an ambiguous “later this year” has nearly 9000 viewers across 114 channels at any given time.

This game has the potential to become the next popular game, so it may be worthwhile jumping on the bandwagon before the official release.


ASMR isn’t a game, but it does have some impeccable stats. Also, because ASMR isn’t genre-specific, you can quickly grow your channel, particularly if you’ve perfected the craft.

The viewer to channel ratio? 68 to 1.

StarCraft II

On the lower end of the niche spectrum, StarCraft II only has 6,392 viewers with an average of 98 streamers. This gives it a ratio of 65 viewers to 1 streamer. But there is less competition, increasing your likelihood of getting noticed by these viewers. 

Why Isn’t Minecraft, Fortnite, or Grand Theft Auto on this List?

It’s possible to gain viewers and recognition streaming some of the most popular games of all time. But, if you take a look at the numbers, these games are highly saturated. There are so many streamers that stream these games that even if you were to improve your Twitch strategy, you still won’t achieve much growth. 

Additionally, these games have more than their fair share of popular streamers, giving viewers even greater choice when deciding who to watch.

You can try to play these games, but if you want meaningful growth over an extended period, you should consider streaming other games.

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