10 Best Lightroom Presets for Instagram

10 Best Lightroom Presets for Instagram

Photo by Adam Borkowski from Pexels

Instagram grids that are cohesive and consistent are far more popular than those that aren’t. That cohesiveness and consistency are commonly referred to as your ‘aesthetic.’ And as you already know, you can achieve an aesthetic through two means: the use of color and the use of filters. Most popular influencers combine color with filters to create the ultimate Instagram aesthetic, for an airbrushed, effortless look. 

Not only that, but filters have a significant impact on your followers. When we highlighted five of the best editing apps to dramatically improve your Instagram aesthetic, it wasn’t shocking to see Adobe Lightroom on the list.

Lightroom has iOS, Android, and desktop apps, and gives you the great functionality to turn drab and mundane images into masterpieces. However, as a beginner, there are hundreds of ways you can transform your images on Lightroom. Unless you want to spend hours editing images to create the perfect aesthetic, having a set of go-to presets just makes editing and achieving that aesthetic, that much easier.

To help you get started, we focus on 10 of the best Lightroom presets that will transform your Instagram instantly, making your photographs more vibrant and likable.

10 Free and Premium Lightroom Presets for Instagram

#1 Best Lightroom Preset: The Mango Street Grid Collection ($45)

This Lightroom preset is just what you’d be looking for if you’re looking to create a Pinterest vibe with your Instagram feed. This collection includes 20 filters in different matte tones from blue to gray and copper. Using one of these filters, you’ll be able to achieve your required aesthetic. 

#2 Best Lightroom Preset: Orange And Teal Preset (Free)

This preset is the ideal summer or travel preset, as it makes blue more vivid and oranges warm and inviting. Making it easier to make the blue of the ocean, sky, or even pool more intense and bringing out that lovely summer tan.

This is also the perfect lightroom preset if you enjoy a warm/cool combo aesthetic. 

#3 Best Lightroom Preset: The Entire My Life As Eva Presets – Mobile Presets ($30)

Eva Gutowski (My life as Eva) released desktop and mobile Lightroom presets earlier this year. As someone with a highly aesthetic Instagram grid and 7.5 million followers to prove it, Eva swears by her presets and uses them herself. She also shows you how you can improve your images with her presets in a video where she edits her followers’ images. She shows you exactly how a filter can turn an ordinary picture into something extraordinary. 

Each preset is sold individually at $10, but the entire mobile collection is only $30. It just makes sense to pay this if you want to upgrade your IG Grid.

#4 Best Lightroom Preset: Blood Brothers (Free)

Available on Free Lightroom Presets, Blood brothers depict what’s in the name. Making reds, oranges, and yellows more vibrant and whites crisper. This preset adds deep color and contrast to your images to give each image that pop of color and help it stand out. You can use this free lightroom preset to level up your Instagram aesthetic regardless of the type of content you post.

#5 Best Lightroom Preset: Insta Blogger (Free)

Insta Blogger is another orange and teal Lightroom preset, this time with softer hues than orange and teal. While it does bring oranges, blues, and whites to life it has this retro aesthetic that’s reminiscent of a film camera. So, if you want a more retro travel or lifestyle aesthetic for your Instagram grid this is by far the best lightroom preset for the job.

#6 Best Lightroom Preset: Insta Look by Filterlook (Free)

Give your Instagram that travel vlogger vibe with this fantastic free Lightroom preset. Insta Look by Filterlook gives your images that perfect whitewashed appeal while brightening dull colors to ensure your image doesn’t look dull and dreary.

Insta Look gives your images the appearance that it was taken on a film camera – the effects are subtle but the results are phenomenal.

#7 Best Lightroom Preset: Warm Filter (Free)

Just like Insta Look, Warm Filter adds a subtle yet remarkably vivid filter to your images. However, unlike other filters on this list Warm Filter is a more realistic and true to color filter that brings out the richness in browns, greens, and reds, and brightens dull colors. This is the perfect filter for an artful grid.

#8 Best Lightroom Preset: Cold Wind Preset (Free)

Achieve a moody aesthetic of your favorite edgy Instagram baddie with this free Lightroom preset. This preset is going to turn any dull image into a utopia of deep blues, violets, crisp whites, and amazing teals.

The contrast between the 

The Cold Wind Preset is the best lightroom preset if you’d like to achieve a soft, yet defined aesthetic for your Instagram grid.

#9 Best Lightroom Preset: Lifestyle Pack ~ Preset Pack ($19)

Lifestyle pack sold on Maya Gypsy is a preset pack of 10 of the best lightroom presets for travel and lifestyle. These presets are available on desktop and mobile so you’re able to take your editing skills on the go to achieve the perfect Instagram aesthetic regardless of where you are.

The filters in this lightroom preset are going to make your images more stunning and appealing to your audience while capturing your wanderlust and adventurous vibe perfectly!

#10 Best Lightroom Preset: Metal ($5)

This gorgeous lightroom preset is another take on the amazing orange and teal combo, but this time with a dark twist. Your images will look unique yet stylish but have an amazing aesthetic that’s compatible with a grunge vibe or artsy aesthetic. This preset is available on desktop and mobile and is also available in a collection of artistic presets.

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