The Best Podcast Microphone for Beginners

Podcasting is taking off in 2020. This may have to do with the worldwide pandemic. If you’ve been listening to some of your favorite podcasts while getting work done, you’ve probably contemplated starting your own. We’ve created a list of the best podcast microphones for beginners.

Best Podcast Microphone #1:
Fifine Condenser USB Microphone $32.99

This inexpensive condenser microphone is unquestionably on the lower end of Fifine microphones. Released in 2015, this microphone is still a favorite among Amazon shoppers. That’s because the voice quality of recordings, at this price, is impeccable. The condenser microphone helps to isolate the voice or sound coming from the main source, essentially canceling background noise. It has a 5ft 9 USB cord which makes it easier to set up your podcast in any environment and ensures you’re not picking up fan noise from a PC or laptop. Not to mention, it has an easy to manage and install plug and play design.

Best Podcast Microphone #2:
Fifine K670 USB Microphone $55.99

Released in 2018, this Fifine microphone is the updated and graduated version of the K668. This has a much sleeker design that’s easy to set up. This microphone is also a step up from other microphones on this list because it comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack that allows you to hear yourself in real-time. This feature is perfect for a podcast as it allows you to ensure you’re not picking up any unwanted sound, and that your voice sounds warm and inviting.  You can get a fuller and rounder sound because of the larger diaphragm on this condenser microphone. Because of its 6.5 ft cord, you can video record your podcast with desirable aesthetics.

Best Podcast Microphone #3:
TONOR Condenser Mic + Pop Filter & Stand $41.99

This is a complete bundle with an inexpensive price tag that’ll allow you to record audio for your podcast almost immediately. The TONOR condenser microphone is a cardioid microphone with decent sensitivity that adequately cancels background noise. The diaphragm is relatively large, giving you a fuller more developed sound that’s perfect for a podcast. This is certainly one of the best podcast microphones out there. Additionally, you won’t have to be concerned about plosives from B, P, and T sounds because of the pop filter that’s included in the bundle. The downside to this particular microphone is the length of the cord, which doesn’t give as much reach as other microphones on this list.

Best Podcast Microphone #4:
MAONO USB Condenser Microphone $58.99

My personal favorite and certainly pick for best podcast microphone is this MAONO condenser microphone. Although it’s the most expensive microphone on this list if you’re serious about starting a podcast and are willing to shell out a few extra dollars, get this microphone. It comes with everything you need for a professional look and sound.

The microphone also comes with everything you’d need to get up and running, including a pop filter and microphone cover. The diaphragm of the microphone allows for a fuller more developed sound which rivals other higher-end mics.

Best Podcast Microphone #5:
FiFine K669B Condenser Microphone $45.99

Another Fifine Condenser microphone makes the list. This time it’s the K669B which was released in 2017. For just $13 more than its predecessor, the K668, this microphone has a sturdier build and a larger diaphragm for a fuller and more robust sound that’s popular in podcasting.

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