14 Free Tools To Help Creators Through The COVID 19 Pandemic

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In our lifetime, there hasn’t been anything like the novel coronavirus pandemic.

For creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses this pandemic and the subsequent restrictions have been devastating, but many companies are providing their services for free during this time, to help creators, small businesses, and teams through this unprecedented time.

1// Threads (Free Until 1 July 2020)

Threads are comparable to Slack, however, the platform works especially well for collaboration on longer-term projects where teams need to keep updated on the progress of tasks. For any creator managing a team, the option to be able to do so for free during the brunt of this pandemic will come as a relief.

2// Moz Academy (Free Until 31 May 2020)

It’s times such as these that we should all appreciate the tech advances societies made since the last pandemic. It’s these advances that give us the ability to stay connected even when we’re apart. To extend your use of the digital, Moz Academy is allowing users to start learning valuable social media marketing and SEO skills that are going to outlast this pandemic. This is certainly one course every creator should spend some time doing during the lockdown.

3// Hootsuite (Free for those in affected industries until 1 July 2020)

Hootsuite doesn’t need an introduction, it’s one of the best platforms for creating and managing social media campaigns. The platform already has a free subscription option, but until 1 July 2020, it will be offering 90-day free premium plans, with the option of not adding a credit card if you complete an application.

4// Ubersuggest (Free plan includes excellent extended features)

Ubersuggest is Neil Patel’s keyword research tool. In the wake of the pandemic, he’s extending its free options to include excellent premium options, while giving paid subscribers greater tools. This is an excellent resource for PPC ad campaigns and a solid foundation for a superior content marketing strategy.

5// CISCO (Free security offerings until 1 July 2020)

CISCO is giving businesses free access to three of its security features to assist remote workers during the COVID 19 pandemic. These are:

 — Cisco Umbrella

 — Duo Security, and

 — Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

As workers work from their own devices these applications can protect your workers and your business from any attacks.

6// (Tech assistance for those working remotely)

Globally more stores are being urged to keep the doors shut to assist with social distancing, and with that comes a lack of tech expertise and help available when you need it. Now you can’t pop-in to your local tech store to find out why your laptop keeps crashing, or how to solve a hacking situation. Therefore, this aid from is going to be a lifesaver. is giving all users free access to their tech support while they’re working remotely to encourage social distancing.

7// Sender (Free email marketing automation)

There are several email marketing automation software companies – like Mailchimp – that are offering their premium services free to educators, researchers, and healthcare workers during the pandemic. However, this excludes a large population of creators and entrepreneurs who could still benefit from free software.

Sender has the most robust free options, allowing users to send up to 15,000 automated emails to 2,500 subscribers a month.

8// Google Hangouts (Free for G Suite Customers until September 2020)
9// Zoom (Free unlimited features for schools)

Zoom has removed the 40 minute limit for primary and secondary schools for their free pricing option. Besides, they already have a free pricing option that allows users to access a limited amount of tools. For creators who don’t need to host many meetings, these basic features should work.

10// Adobe XD (Free unlimited features until October 2020)

This is one expense designers and developers don’t need to worry about.

Adobe XD – the SAAS that allows designers to create the perfect UI/UX experience for websites and apps – is giving developers and designers access to unlimited features until October 2020. With this resource, you can collaborate with your team for free, while giving you the ability to extend discounts and special offerings to your clients during this time.

11// Coursera (Free courses and free certificates until 31 May 2020)

Currently, Coursera enables learners to audit a variety of courses for free, however, they’ve now extended the offer to get a free certificate to 100 courses from some of the top universities in the world. This should be enough motivation to start developing your skills.

12// Scribd (Free 30 day subscription/trial)

Scribd offers a 30-day free trial to their ebooks, magazines, and newspapers. With all this time on your hands, finding something constructive to keep yourself occupied with is going to prove valuable in the long run.

13// LinkedIn Learning (16 courses to help you set up and thrive in your remote workspace)

LinkedIn has created a 13-hour comprehensive course on remote working. This free course covers everything from productivity to how to host remote meetings like an executive.

14// Cisco Webex 

Cisco Webex has significantly extended the features of their free plan, making it a worthy competitor to Zoom. You can now host meetings of up to 100 participants, for an unlimited period, and they have added the call-in audio available in 52 countries.

Compared to Zoom that only still has its basic features available for creators not in health and education, Webex is the best solution for hosting meetings for the average creator.

Now it’s over to you. Do you know of any resources that can help creators like yourself during this pandemic?

Are any of your favorite companies, apps, or services giving creators, entrepreneurs and small businesses freebies, incentives, or additional resources to help them emerge stronger during this time?

Please comment below so we can all find ways to ease the burden the COVID-19 pandemic is set to have on an independent worker’s income and finances.

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