How To Sell on Fiverr: The Tricks of The Trade

How To Sell on Fiverr: The Tricks of The Trade

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The gig economy is growing at a phenomenal rate. Freelancers from all over the world are seeing the benefit of going independent and relying on online marketplaces to find an expanse of clients. Learning how to sell on Fiverr, Upwork, or any of the several other marketplaces will ensure you’ve got an advantage in the job market.

TL;DR: Researching before you craft the perfect gig is vital. You should conduct competitor, keyword, and tag research to get an idea of how to create a gig that the algorithm will favor.

The Journey of Becoming A Freelancer

As someone who began writing several years back, I discovered that marketplaces allowed me to dive into my skill first as a hobby, then as a full-time career. Freelancing is liberating. You’re not chained to a desk. You’re in charge of your schedule. Your income potential is limitless. 

My first freelancing experience wasn’t on Fiverr, but because I wanted to expand my horizons, I began offering services on Fiverr. 

The reason I chose Fiverr over marketplaces like UpWork is that Fiverr seemed most suited to my needs. I could examine the marketplace and see if it was worthwhile without any commitment. 

Besides, Fiverr is one of the most successful freelance marketplaces, it’s like the Amazon of the gig economy. Because they have a greater variety of sellers, Fiverr attracts more buyers, which you can leverage to determine if you have a future in freelancing. 

Of course, each marketplace has its pros and cons, and there are many other options to earn money online. But, if you want to know how to sell on Fiverr, these are a few tricks of the trade.

The Fundamentals of How To Sell on Fiverr: 5 Things You Need To Do To Be Successful

Choose A Username That’s Flexible

When I was researching how to sell on Fiverr, most search queries would return results of people doing it as an experiment. The “I worked on Fiverr for a week and earned $X,” was popular. These individuals were not pursuing work on the platform for long term gain, rather it was to determine if Fiverr had any rapid income earning potential. A username wouldn’t be a pressing issue. 

But, for someone like me, who’s been on Fiverr for more than two years, I would’ve liked to know what I know now, which is: choose a flexible username. Your username shouldn’t be about what you do now or include any of your services. Because, if you ever choose to broaden your services, you won’t be attached to a redundant username.

When you’re signing up, and they ask you for your username, think twice before you type in “JohnathonSEO” or something similar. You can’t change your username at a later date, nor are you allowed to create multiple accounts.

Choose Popular Tags

Fiverr displays the most popular search terms on the homepage. The reason for this is to make it easier for buyers to navigate the platform. But, this can also be an excellent resource for sellers. Finding what these popular search terms are will help you determine what sort of services you should offer. Additionally, you can use these search terms in your tags and titles.

Use Bold Colors And Designs in Your Cover Art

Your cover image needs to be distinctive. Although Fiverr suggests you create a video as it can increase your sales, it can have the opposite effect. When you upload a video Fiverr will randomly generate a cover from the video. Instead, if you want to include a video in your gig, add it as a secondary option to your cover image. To create a striking cover image, use bold letters, bright colors, and images that are distinct at thumbnail size. Some sellers find great success including pictures of themselves, test this approach to determine if it increases your chances of securing clients.

Create SEO friendly Gig Title

Your gig title appears in your gig URL. Although you can change your gig title you can’t change the URL of your gig. Google cares more about the URL in your gig than the title clients see. If you want to appear in searches like “Fiverr graphic designer” or “Fiverr logo designer,” find keywords you can target that you can comfortably include in your title.

Conduct Competitor Research

Fiverr is a competitive marketplace. It’s not only competitive, but it’s also evolving. The more Fiverr grows, the more essential it is to perfect how to sell on Fiverr. Something I recommend doing in the very beginning is competitor research. Find the top-selling gigs in your niche and review what they offer. Doing this research will help you craft a compelling gig anyone would want to purchase and make you more appealing as a new seller.

Get Your First Review

All you need is one five star review to get the ball rolling. Everyone has theories on what works.

Some sellers choose to start with Fiverr’s max amount of gigs to ensure they’re getting maximum exposure. You can pursue this method if you have an extensive skill set. 

But, what would also work is including samples of your work within your gig and being online frequently. Additionally, take some of Fiverr’s tests, although evidence that these works are anecdotal, it might work. Once you have your first review, other buyers will begin to trust you.

When you’re learning how to sell on Fiverr, don’t spend all your days stressing about how to perfect your gig. Be sure you’re offering something fantastic at an unbeatable rate. When you grow you’ll be able to increase your fees, and securing clients will be a breeze.

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