Instagram Brings Greater Functionality To The Web

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On Friday, 10 April, Instagram made it possible for users to use the app’s primary features from desktops. Now, users can access their DMs and join IG lives from their desktops, without the need to download an app!

Instagram DMs and Lives Available On Desktop

When Instagram launched, its core functions were only available on its mobile app, driven by a need for robust mobility. The desktop version lacked usability as is evident from the mere 3-star rating it garnered on the Microsoft Store. Previously, when using a desktop you could only browse and like pictures in your feed. While this wasn’t ideal it made sense. Hardly anyone was taking out their desktop to scroll through Instagram and connect with their followers.

However, these limiting features made it difficult for power users like agencies, entrepreneurs, businesses, and influencers who use desktops to curate and publish their content as well as connect with their audience.

But the need for a truly mobile app has decreased in recent months. Consequently, because over a third of the world’s population is stationary, the app is adapting. In the past week, it rolled out two new features for its desktop app, which include making DMs available and allowing users to join lives.

Exciting Features Still To Be Launched

There are still several features in the pipeline for the app. One of which includes two other apps from the Facebook group. Last year, Mark Zuckerberg discussed a feature that would allow users from Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram to connect without needing to change platforms. What that would look like is anyone’s guess, but with Instagram’s developers and programmers quarantined in California, we can expect many more exciting features launching on the app sometime soon!

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