Quaderno Review: Searching For Easy Way To Navigate Sales Tax Online


Tax obligations can be tricky to navigate, as content recently learnt with YouTubes tax changes. There is so much bureaucracy that it is challenging to keep abreast of the latest regulations and how they affect you. However, as more people complete transactions online, the world is becoming borderless. As an online seller, these borderless transactions mean you need to effectively navigate sales tax online, possibly in foreign countries, but definitely in your country of residence.
Therefore, as an online seller, you need to be aware of the country’s tax requirements of your international clients and customers. 

This includes tax treaties between your country and the country of your international customer.

Enter Quaderno, a digital platform that hopes to change the way international sellers navigate tax obligations.

What Is Quaderno?

Quaderno provides international automated tax compliance for online sellers.

As a digital platform, Quaderno helps online sellers navigate sales tax online. The platform has several features that make it easy to integrate, track, and pay international and local sales tax. Ultimately, the platform makes tax convenient.

How Quaderno Works

To get started on Quaderno, begin by choosing your preferred pricing tier. You’ll then need to create an account which you can do either by linking your Stripe account or using your email. 

Then the process begins, and you need to integrate Quaderno into your preferred payment gateway so that the app can track your payments. If you don’t have a payment gateway, you can still use the app and integrate it later. 

After that, you will have access to your dashboard, where you can pull reports, track your tax compliance, and create integrated checkouts.

Quaderno’s Notable Features:


When you need to track your sales tax online, Quaderno’s reporting feature will prove handy. The platform can create a sales tax report in seconds, which you can use to provide your local tax authority with the necessary tax information.


Besides taxes, Quaderno also automates invoicing making it the ideal all-in-one solution for busy online sellers and creators.

Tax Compliance:

As online sellers, tax can be frustrating. While every other aspect of selling online is convenient, tax isn’t. You probably still have an account or – in the very least – considering getting one. However, Quaderno eradicates the need to hire an accountant because they apply sales tax to your clients based on their locations but also based on your country of residence’s law.

Comprehensive Integrations:

Quaderno integrates with many popular payment gateways including Shopify, SendOwl, Fulfillment by Amazon, WooCommerce, S2Member, and Easy Digital Downloads. The list includes thousands of other apps which makes it a versatile option for growing online sellers like yourself.


Another fantastic feature of Quaderno is the amazing checkout process. Their checkout prioritizes conversions by giving customers a number of payment options including PayPal and Stripe. Included in the checkout process is accurate and automated tax calculations.

Quaderno’s Pricing

Quaderno has three primary sales tiers. The platform bases these tiers on how many sales you make in a month and not on how much of the platform’s features you will access.

For online sellers who make between 25 and 250 transactions a month, the fee is $49 a month.

If you have between 250 and 1,000 transactions a month, the fee is $99 a month, and if you have between 1,000 transactions and 2,500 transactions a month, the cost is $149. 

However, Quaderno also offers a seven day free trial.

Additionally, they also have a hobbyist tier for online sellers who make fewer than 25 transactions a month. This hobbyist pricing is $29 a month.

Our Recommendations

Quaderno is the perfect platform for growing online sellers. The system enables you to implement tax compliance on your website. Because everything is automated, you don’t need to be concerned about whether you’re complying with local – or international – regulations for online sales tax. Instead, you can focus on the daily operations of your online store and save money managing your tax.

However, the app may not be as beneficial if you are an online seller who is beginning your journey and resides in a country where a sales tax threshold exists. Since in these countries, your sales tax compliance may not be necessary. Other online sellers who won’t benefit from the software are sellers who only sell to locals and have already integrated sales tax calculations in their payment processor.

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