Yemi AD: Creating Through Times of Crisis

Spotlight on YEMI 1x1 2021

Even during crises, there’s a way to move forward if you can think beyond your confines and develop creative solutions. At least that’s been the case for Yemi A.D this week’s spotlight.

For many, the events of last year brought life to an immediate and unexpected standstill. Upcoming projects came to a grinding halt, with creatives unable to create to the extent they usually do. But this was not the case for Yemi A.D. He has been able to transform what would have otherwise been a bleak year into a time of visionary exploration and creativity.

Who is Yemi A.D?

At some stage, you would have interacted with one of Yemi A.D’s creative pursuits. Beyond his charismatic persona, he is also a fierce visionary and the founder of JAD Productions, a production company that’s worked on projects for brands like Mercedes Benz, where he was their ambassador for electromobility and the face of the Mercedes-Benz EQC model, and Apple. 

Yemi is also known for his collaboration with Grammy Award-winning rapper and record producer – Kanye West, where he choreographed multiple music videos and live stage performances for the American rapper. 

However, his journey started as a dancer and later a choreography, but has culminated in several creative pursuits and acknowledgments. In 2019, he was part of the Henry Crown Fellow class alongside other leaders. 

In the last year, he has added two projects – Moonshot Platform and Anti-panic conference – to his busy schedule and received the prestigious BEA WORLD AWARD for the second one.

Adapting To Crisis Through Creativity

As the co-founder and CEO of JAD Productions, a company that works in events and advertising – one of the impacted industries – Yemi could continue pursuing creativity through innovative and inventive strategies and projects. We take a closer look at how Yemi A.D was able to pivot and create exciting and impactful projects even while most others in the space had to halt their pursuits.

Go Digital

Part of Yemi’s ability to foster impact is to go where his audience is, during a pandemic that means going digital. Examining both the Moonshot and the Anti-Panic Platforms, the aim is to make them as interactive as possible, which separates them from other digital conferences. Users tuning into the events can make their voices known through live polling, which steers the conversation to the most pressing topics.

What creators can learn from this is that adding innovative ideas to an event, while seemingly simple, can be the difference between making your digital event like all others or making it a must to attend.

Bring Creative and Leading Minds Together

In a time of crisis, it’s never a good idea to work alone. Yemi is constantly working alongside leaders in the industry, as a leader himself. 

Over the years, Yemi has collaborated with many prestigious figures in their respective fields on his Moonshot project. Some of the noteworthy personalities in his list include former US Secretary of State – Madeleine Albright, CNN Journalist – Poppy Harlow, Global Head of Arts and Culture at Chanel – Yana Peel, and former Advisor to Martin Luther King – Dr. Clarence B. Jones.

The Moonshot Platform is a collaborative effort by the 2019 class of the Henry Crown Fellowship. It is an initiative aiming to tackle educational, racial and technology-access inequalities in various sectors. Three of the platform architects are fellows. 

The platform allows for the collaboration of various individuals through which it becomes possible to leverage connections and bring your projects and other ideas to life. Because if you’re able to brainstorm solutions and ideas with minds as brilliant as theirs, you can create a near-perfect platform without much of a hassle.

Of course, for many up-and-coming creators, there may not be the ability to reach global leaders in every field, that doesn’t mean you cannot learn from Yemi. You can reach out to people that you feel will add value to your projects in both a creative and technical way. 

In fact, a great takeaway from Yemi’s lineup of leaders is that you should strive to combine differing views and different expertise to create a well-rounded deduction. If you cannot get to the best and brightest for your projects, connect and collaborate with people who do not add to an echo chamber.

Add Value By Creating Solutions

Another great way to be resilient during times of crisis is to help others. When the world unites through one experience, it’s easy to share solutions, ideas and deliberate about what can and cannot work.

All of Yemi’s initiatives have added value to participants by giving them precise actions to take to find solutions.

As a creator, what you can learn from this is that people are more willing to participate in your projects if you’re adding value to attendees’ or participants’ lives. Because during times of crisis people aren’t just filling their schedules because they have free time but because they want to further their desires or ambitions. 

Never Stop Creating

Possibly the best way to continue creating during crises is to develop the mindset where creating is non-negotiable. Yemi’s success during these crises can be in part attributed to his drive to continue creating. Although his creative pursuits changed in 2020, the core message – which is to improve the world around him through inventing what doesn’t exist before – remains. At its essence, that is what every creative strives to do.

Monday For Creators With Yemi About ClubHouse

Yemi is pretty successful even in acquiring the ClubHouse platform. That’s why we invited him to join us for Monday for Creators and talk about this platform, so even if you are not on the platform yet, this is the best way to find out what’s about.

Other questions which we put in place were: How he quickly got to over 7 000 followers? What’s his advice to any creator about using ClubHouse? How to build a creator’s brand using ClubHouse?

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