Four Steps To Becoming A Successful Amazon Fashion Blogger

If the thought of making bank through sharing your love of fashion appeals to you, keep reading. 

Amazon is often used as a way for affiliate marketers to recommend tech, DIY, decor, gaming, and a variety of other products. But, Amazon is trying to enter a new market and become a go-to destination for fashion and beauty and is using the help of Amazon fashion bloggers to do this. 

Because Amazon is investing more resources in becoming a fashion and beauty destination, it’s easier than ever to make affiliate commissions by recommending fashion and beauty products listed on Amazon. 

TL;DR:You can make more money as a dedicated Amazon Fashion blogger than if you were to recommend inherently higher-priced items. With the right strategy, you’ll begin seeing an ROI. 

Step One To Become A Successful Amazon Fashion Blogger:
Sign Up As An Associate Or Influencer

There are two types of Amazon affiliates, the associate and the influencer.


You only need one thing to become an Amazon associate:

  1. A platform where you’ll recommend Amazon products on.

Because of this low barrier to entry, you can begin making money via affiliate marketing almost instantly.

However, just because it’s easy to start doesn’t mean you should start right away. Amazon will kick you off the platform if you haven’t made any sales in the first 180 days. You can’t cheat the system by thinking your purchases will be counted as affiliate purchases.

Rather than signing up as an associate without an audience, first, build an audience on your chosen platform and have a steady flow of loyal followers. By doing this, you’ll know that you’ll make sales within those 180 days without any issues. 


Amazon influencers need to meet more stringent requirements, including:

  1. Meeting a threshold for followers and engagement that Amazon deems appropriate, and
  2. Giving access to Amazon to verify your social media accounts and engagement.

However, if you’re approved to become an Amazon Influencer, you’ll get a storefront with a vanity link that makes it easier for your followers to purchase what you recommend. It’s also easier to include one link in your Instagram bio, YouTube videos, and blog posts, instead of having to list multiple links.

Step Two To Become A Successful Amazon Fashion Blogger:
Find Category Lists That You Can Recommend

Once you’ve signed up as either an Amazon Associate or an Amazon Influencer, the more complicated steps commence.

The reason most affiliate marketers choose to recommend tech, gaming, and DIY products is it helps them earn more with very little effort. For example, 10% of a product that’s $300 is more appealing than 10% of a $30 product. Although the commission from recommending fashion products is lower, the conversion rate is higher. People are more likely to purchase a pair of jeans or a bag you’ve recommended in the spur of the moment than they are going to purchase a $700 Gaming PC. 

It’s that spur of the moment decision-making that makes being an Amazon fashion blogger more profitable than being a tech blogger, especially if you have a larger following; because people buy clothes more than they buy tech, home improvement, or gaming consoles.

That said, to make money from Amazon fashion blogging you should find a handful of categories that will become your niche. It’s easier to recommend products to people if they feel you have some expertise. Becoming an expert is as simple as choosing a set of fashion products that you’ll review and recommend. For example, you could review Maternity wear, swimwear, trends, formal wear, bridal dresses, menswear, etc. 

Your niche doesn’t have to stay the same forever. You can change categories as events in your life change. Perhaps you’re recommending swimsuits in the run-up to summer, and bridal dresses because you or a friend are getting married. As long as people feel there’s a reason you’re recommending products, they’re more likely to purchase what you recommend.

Note: The upside to being an Amazon fashion blogger is that it’s cheaper to review fashion products than other types of products. 

Step Three To Become A Successful Amazon Fashion Blogger:
Make Review Content


Reviews are the most reliable method to get people to click on your link. But, because people are suspicious of reviews, you can change the name but keep the concept the same. Try-on hauls are more popular than reviews – in the fashion community – and will likely get more people to click on the links you provide.

A try on haul can also act as an incentive to purchase a product as people get to see what a product looks like on someone. It can also serve as inspiration because your audience gets to see how you would style the product.

Whenever you’re reviewing a product from Amazon, think about what you’d tell a friend when out shopping. Try to give your audience that same brutal honest opinion of the products. It’s better that they know the flaws and choose to purchase the item anyway, than think you lied to them because you’re an affiliate.

Step Four To Become A Successful Amazon Fashion Blogger:
Make It Easy For People To Click Your Link

Although Amazon Influencers get vanity affiliate links for their Amazon storefronts, you don’t need a vanity link from Amazon to be a successful Amazon fashion blogger. Instead, you can make it easier for people to buy your recommendations by creating your storefront.

To do this, start a blog or website that you’ll direct your audience to. They can then shop all your recommendations on your blog or website.  The best part is you only need to include one link in your Instagram bio or YouTube video description.

Additionally, make your website or blog easy to navigate. 

Instead of having random posts recommending your clothes, sort your posts by what you wore over a designated period. You can also recommend clothes according to seasons, like your Fall Favorites or Summer Favorites, etc. That way, when people click on the link in your Instagram bio they know what they’re clicking on. 

Another way you can make it easier for your audience to click on your affiliate link is to recommend one product at a time. You can then make content surrounding how you styled that product for a week, two weeks, or a month. That way, you only need to include one link in your Instagram bio or description of your video. 

Remember, the key to becoming a successful Amazon fashion blogger is not about recommending an insane amount of clothes, but rather, getting more people to purchase that clothing item. If people use your link to purchase a pair of jeans you’re raving about but end up purchasing more when they’re on Amazon, you get a percentage of their entire cart. 

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