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Alex Hirschi is Supercar Blondie. Over the last five years, she’s gone from 0 to 5 Million, which is incredible. With specs like these, if Supercar Blondie were a Supercar, she’d be one-of-a-kind.

But her success is due to her work ethic, her approach to content, and her infectious online persona. In this post, we take a closer look at Supercar Blondie to determine what’s the secret behind her success and why she’s one of the most successful automotive creators.

Supercar Blondie’s Journey As A Content Creator

Supercar Blondie started her career on radio, co-hosting Dubai Eye as Radio Barbie. As her social media following began to gain traction, in 2017, she left her job to pursue being a content creator full time. At the time changing her handle from Radio Blondie to Supercar Blondie. 

Then in only a short few months, she was earning more than she had been as a popular radio personality in Dubai. 

But before her viral success, Supercar Blondie began publishing content about supercars back in 2015 on Instagram. In her short videos, she would talk about the car, its features, and what makes it extraordinary. Living in Dubai, she had all the access one could dream of to ferocious and visually appealing cars imaginable.

Her first video to go viral on social media was a short clip of her interacting with a Ferrari 488. What she learned from that was that on social media visuals matter. 

After fine-tuning her content, she’s managed to grow her following to over 5 million subscribers on Youtube and over 40 million combined followers on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

What You Can Learn From Supercar Blondie

Her transformation from radio host to one of the most viewed content creators is fascinating. But, in true ForCreators fashion, these spotlights are about helping you achieve some of that success by finding ways to reproduce that same results. So, even if you’re not into supercars, there are some basic principles that underpin Hirschi’s success.

Defining A Brand 

We’ve highlighted branding in many of our creator spotlights, but it’s because it’s an essential part of social media success. Supercar Blondie happens to be the epitome of personal branding. Her online persona involves traveling the world to find mesmerizing supercars. Supercar Blondie has a straightforward brand identity. She creates content around one subject: supercars. Anyone who interacts with her content – on any of her socials – knows what she’s about from the minute they see her profile.

Diversifying Your Socials

Although Supercar Blondie started posting her travels and escapades in supercars on Instagram, she would eventually expand to regularly posting on YouTube, Facebook, and – most recently – TikTok.  

This diversity is also one of the reasons she’s so popular, because she’s able to leverage the success she has on other platforms.

Social Specific Content

If you follow all of her socials, you’ll discover that while Supercar Blondie has many similar videos floating across all of her accounts, the way she presents each is different from the next. Take her Top Concept Cars of 2020 video. The same video concept was posted to Instagram, Facebook,  andYouTube. However, each video had a different length and approach. 

On YouTube, her video was 28 minutes and focused on a list of 10 concept cars where she gave information about each. On Facebook and Instagram, the video was only 3 minutes and had five cars with fewer details and more visuals, and on TikTok, she showed off each car in separate clips. This approach allows her to maximize views on each platform because she’s maximizing the algorithm of each platform.

Creating Relatable Content

Instead of going the expert car route, focusing on the features of the car most people won’t find as fascinating, Supercar Blondie takes a different approach. She made supercars more accessible to the average viewer, making her content more relatable to a broader audience. She describes that her content focuses on what it would be like if the “girl next door” would receive the keys to a supercar. 

Intersecting Business and Content Creation

Supercar Blondie often talks about her humble beginnings when she and her husband would travel to film some of the most magnificent vehicles. At the time, she didn’t have a team or the gargantuan amount of views or followers she has now. Instead, she was just passionate about a subject, and after noticing that she could monetize her platform, she decided to pursue it full time. But, when Alex made the switch to be a full-time creator, she pursued her passion methodically. In a GQ article published in 2020, she mentions her focus was on growing her ‘business.’ 

This approach to being a content creator isn’t unique. However, it is usually limited to content creators in the upper echelons of social media. Creators who have realized how lucrative their exploits and projects are when focus on them from a business perspective. 

Where Supercar Blondie differs is that from the onset she saw herself growing a business as a content creator. 

For content creators, this approach is possibly the most effective. It allows you to think about your content from two angles: creativity and profitability. In the beginning, many aspiring content creators fund their content. Therefore, it’s important to decipher whether an idea is worth it from a business perspective. Because from a business perspective the only worthwhile content is content that will help you grow. 


Supercar Blondie makes doing what you love look effortless, but as this spotlight reveals it’s plenty of hard work that’s perfected by having a fool-proof strategy.

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