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  1. Jan Prochacek

    WordPress’s biggest power is the ecosystem of developers and plugins around. Even at a very small cost, you can develop a powerful website full of features and integrations. If you are not happy with one developer of a template, you can easily switch to another one.
    I’d say WP is the best solution for users who want to manage the website on their own and use a variety of functions, which are not available on other systems, or its development would cost a lot.
    On the other hand, you need to accept worse performance in speed tests, which will influence your SEO and the limitations of your WordPress theme. Here I suggest choosing very properly and only those themes with excellent support and regular updates not older than a few weeks.
    Plus search for themes and developers with a Facebook group or another community page. There you should check how is the living with the WP theme.
    If you are considering WordPress for an e-shop, I can recommend it too. WooCommerce is the most used plugin that offers all the basic functions for free including Stripe integration.
    To sum up, if you have some specific needs related to what you do e.g. musician (BandZoogle), writer (Wattpad), or designer (Behance), WordPress is so universal and powerful that it will cover all your needs. And you will always find somebody who will help you with it.

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