Spotlight on Ivana Belakova 1x1 2021

Ivana Belakova: When Tattoo Means Art

Art, creativity, and business acumen combine to create Ivana Tattoo Art. The renowned tattoo artist has let her work speak for itself, leading to social media growth and worldwide recognition.…
Spotlight on Amber McCulloch 1x1 - 2021

Amber McCulloch: Influence With A Purpose

Amber McCulloch epitomizes conscious influencing. With over 47,000 loyal followers on Instagram, she’s found the right balance between monetizing her influence and sharing valuable content with her audience.  Scrolling through…
Spotlight on Supercar Blondie 1x1 2021

Supercar Blondie: Supercars for all

Image Supercar Blondie Alex Hirschi is Supercar Blondie. Over the last five years, she’s gone from 0 to 5 Million, which is incredible. With specs like these, if Supercar Blondie were…
Spotlight on Jakayla Toney 1x1 2021

Jakayla Toney: Start With Free

Jakayla Toney is a full-time photographer, but you may know her from Wattpad account where she writes under the pen name MsHorrendous or from her Unsplash profile, where she shares…
Lukas Fronc Cut'n'Glue
Creator of the Month

Lukas Fronc & Cut’n’Glue

Lukas Fronc is the face behind Cut’n’Glue, a paper crafting company that’s set to change the world of paper crafting for novices and enthusiasts alike. His vibrant 3d papercraft templates…

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