20 Top Fitness Hashtags

20 Top Fitness Hashtags

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As a personal trainer or fitness expert, Instagram can do a lot for your personal brand and professional goals. In uncertain times, when fitness centers and gyms are closed, having an appealing Instagram account enables you to profit from your expertise with greater ease. Fitness hashtags are a great way to reach more people and appear on more feeds, allowing you to increase your followers and strengthen brand awareness.

We’ve listed 20 of the best fitness hashtags to help you get started.

TL;DR: Find fitness hashtags that increase your reach to your target audience. And use those hashtags to grow your following.

Top 20 Fitness Hashtags


How To Choose The Right Hashtags

To increase your followers, you need to find a collection of winning fitness hashtags; hashtags you can copy and paste from your notes to your captions. This group of winning hashtags are the hashtags that generate higher engagement on your account.

You shouldn’t add all of the above hashtags to your Instagram post. Not only does this appear spammy and desperate, but it’s also not a very effective strategy. 

The reason plenty of business and professional Instagram accounts use so many hashtags is to get more followers; followers who they hope will turn into clients or customers. This kind of logic and reasoning is flawed. While more hashtags lead to more engagement is true in theory, it rarely works in real terms. Because there are only a handful of hashtags that have ongoing engagement and even fewer that aren’t driving engagement from bot accounts.  

To find the right balance of fitness hashtags that reach more users and have active engagement, you should test hashtags before settling on your winning hashtags. 

Winning hashtags are the hashtags that supercharge your follower count while driving engagement on your images.

To conduct an effective test start with ten hashtags from this list. Reuse these hashtags over a week or two. Monitor your statistics to see how much engagement you get on your profile when using the ten hashtags. Then, every week replace one hashtag with another one on this list. Repeat this process until you’ve tested every hashtag on this list.

Once you’ve tested every hashtag you’ll have a good idea of which hashtags helped you increase engagement on your profile. You can then reuse these hashtags to keep the momentum going and ensure your followers are increasing.

But, you can’t use the hashtags you’ve chosen indefinitely.

Because of the way Instagram’s algorithm works, you’ll need to replace your hashtags every 3 to 6 months. This ensures you’re still getting the same amount of reach and engagement as you did when you first began using your list of winning hashtags.

Why Isn’t Anyone Following You Even Though You’re Reaching More People?

This is the tricky part.

What if you’re using the right combination of hashtags but you’re not getting any followers? What if your profile stats show that you’re reaching more people but you aren’t getting any results or very few people are following you? In this case, you’ll need to take a look at your profile, because it’s clearly not encouraging users to follow you.

While hashtags will help you get noticed, they’re not going to make people like your content – YOU need to do that.

Instagram users want content that they’ll find interesting in the long run; content that inspires them. They’re also going to follow people who they think are experts. If you want to be taken seriously on Instagram, and supercharge your followers, learn the basics of transforming your Instagram profile as this is the key to long-term success.

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