Anchor Podcast Review: Pros & Cons of Using Anchor.fm

Anchor review

The production quality of your podcast begins with your mic selection, but it doesn’t end there. Who you choose to host your podcast will be just as vital to your success as a podcaster. Today we’re taking a closer look at Anchor.fm and what it brings to the table as a free-to-use host that gives you great bang, for no buck.

Pros of Using Anchor

Every service you use has pros and cons. But don’t let the no price tag fool you. You’re still getting Anchor at a price, although it may not be a monetary one — for now. Before you decide whether or not Anchor is the right choice for your podcast, carefully consider the pros and cons. You can then determine what is essential for the hosting and distribution of your podcast.

Easy Distribution

Anchor distributes your podcast to quite a hefty list of platforms. Platforms that include Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and others. Every name on their list of distributors is the most common platform listeners use to listen to their favorite podcasts.  

Simple Monetization

You can choose to monetize your podcast with a simple click of a button. This feature is unique to Anchor. Although sites like Podbean have similar options, it’s not as easy to use as Anchor’s feature.

Free To Use

For Podcasters with a tight budget, Anchor’s free-to-use service that distributes your podcast to some of the most popular streaming services is likely to be convincing enough. It also has enough basic features that make it worth your while if you’re starting and don’t have much experience creating or managing podcasts.

Cons of Using Anchor

However, for every pro to Anchor there’s a con. These cons aren’t too concerning on face value but as you start scaling your podcast these cons can be debilitating.

A Lack of In-depth Editing

If you want an app that does everything — like the premium version of Soundtrap, you’re going to find that Anchor is at a deficit. 

But even looking at Anchor’s editing in its entirety cannot compete against other free-to-use editors like Audacity. Essentially you will want to record your audio on one software, possibly edit in another software, and then once you have a final edit, upload that to Anchor.

This wouldn’t be an issue if Anchor didn’t mention the editing as part of its core features, and if that feature would sway you, it’s good to note it’s lacking in that aspect.

One Podcast Per Account & No Tiered Access

If you know how many people it takes to operate a successful podcast you’d know that having more than one access point is vital.

Even if you don’t have a production team, an editor, sound engineer, producer, or co-host, you may still want to have more than one podcast on one hosting service, just to make it easier for yourself. This is especially true if you’re a co-host of several podcasts or a producer of several podcasts. Although this feature is only available on premium services like BuzzSprout or Captivate, if you need more than one member in your team, having to pay a little extra for this vital feature shouldn’t be a problem.

Limited Interviewing Options

Remote interviewing has been on the increase ever since COVID-19 has made social distancing a new normal. However, remote interviewing also allows you to interview guests from all over the state, country, and even the world.

Anchor allows you to host up to five people on one call. This is a fantastic feature, except you need to be hosting the interview on your phone. If you have a professional setup and studio, you know that it will be nearly impossible to replicate the same sound quality on your phone. Essentially, making Anchor’s interviewing feature a great option if you don’t have a professional level setup and want to conduct remote interviews.


While Anchor is a superior platform for any Podcaster in the initial phases of podcasting, it’s by no means a one-stop-shop that will encompass your needs as a Podcaster throughout your lifecycle in the industry. What Anchor does, it does well: distribution and monetization. 

Beyond those aspects, it leaves a lot to be desired. But considering you’re getting the platform (and hosting for your podcast) for free, that should be enough to tide you over, perhaps until the inconvenience of it all becomes unbearable.


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