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5 Lesser-Known Tools To Help You Sell Online

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

As a creator who primarily works online, I understand the benefits and drawbacks of working in the digital realm. On the one hand, it allows you to get your products to the people in an uncomplicated way. But getting the people to find and buy your products is where things get complicated. Thankfully, there are a variety of tools that can simplify this process and help you get people to find and buy your products and services. We’re highlighting five of those today.

1. Optimonk

Customers abandoning their carts is an issue for online sellers. It happens all the time, and for a variety of reasons. Since it’s not always easy to understand why customers are abandoning their carts, using a service like Optimonk is ideal. Optimonks stops customers from abandoning their carts through a range of features. Features that include pop-ups, nano bars, and sweepstakes (among other customizable templates) to get users more excited about making a purchase. These features are also there to ensure customers don’t abandon their carts. The best part: You can get Optimonk’s basic features for FREE.

2. Referral Candy

ReferralCandy makes starting a custom referral program easy. They give your customers an incentive to share your products with friends and family and promote your products to their audience. ReferralCandy works similarly to an affiliate program and integrates seamlessly with Shopify. The 30-day free trial they offer is enough time to discover whether they fulfill the promise of driving sales for your website.

3. Yotpo

Reviews are the simplest way to get more people to buy your products online, as they act as social proof that your products are worthwhile. Although reviews are easy – and free – to get, getting customers to leave reviews is where things get tricky. Yotpo’s automation tools, however, make getting reviews effortless as it encourages customers to leave reviews by simplifying the review process. These reviews help increase sales because they’re displayed to users on your site. Although Yotpo works with some of the biggest brands, it makes it easy for creators to start using their service with a free plan that includes all the basic features.

4. Marmalead

Marmalead takes the guesswork out of keyword research. They show you the EXACT keywords buyers use when searching for products similar to yours. This helps you choose the right keywords and tags for your Etsy store and help you acquire more buyers this way. Their plans start at $19 a month and are certainly worth the investment.

5. Shopify Lite

Not even Shopify wants you to know about Shopify Lite. Hidden in the corner of their website, Shopify Lite is a $9 alternative to Shopify. You get all the benefits of Shopify – including the ability to sell on a Facebook store, and to clients in-person – without needing a Shopify store.

If you don’t need a full store or already have your store, Shopify Lite is the perfect integration tool to get all the benefits of Shopify for far cheaper.

While these solutions don’t equate to immediate sales, they will help you turn browsers into buyers with a seamless approach created to increase sales.

Having said that, what are some of the tools you use on your online store to increase sales and exposure?

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