Best Cricut Birthday Card Ideas to Make at Home

Cricut birth day wish ideas for creators

Birthdays are always special. Whether you are celebrating your special day or that of one of your loved ones, you want to make it a perfect event featuring all the happiness in the world. You tend to put all your effort into making the birthday the most memorable day for yourself and your loved ones throughout the year. While ornaments, lighting, gifts, and joyful plays play a key role in making such days special, you can’t overlook the importance of hand-made birthday cards. 

These birthday cards, if properly articulated, can make anyone feel special on their birthday. Cricut machines can perfectly assist you in designing and cutting such handicrafts. However, the problem you may face while designing, cutting, and articulating birthday cards is the absence of ideas to work on. This article is here to resolve this issue by discussing various amazing Cricut birthday card ideas and designs to help you design perfect invitations for the special day. Further details are given below. 

Ideas for Birthday Card Cricut Designs

Getting Ideas about Cricut designs for birthday cards could be an uphill task. The Cricut design space may not prove very helpful either. However, another helpful platform with multiple templates for Cricut designs, like, can be helpful for you. Talking about birthday card ideas to be designed using SVGs and Cricut machines, we have discussed a few of them below. Read on to learn more. 

Photo Camera Shutter Cards

As the name suggests, the basic idea behind this design style of birthday cards is to show a camera shutter on the outside. It could be a perfect birthday greeting to someone special to you. Such a card would be perfect for your BFF or better half. An interactive photo shutter birthday card would grab the attention of the receiver. 

You will find easy camera shutter birthday card Cricut designs on You must showcase your creativity and handicraft skills by designing and cutting the card. Make sure the visible camera shutter on the outside of the card opens and closes so that a memorable snap becomes visible through it to make the birthday of your loved one special. 

Milestone Birthday Cards

While every birthday is special, milestone birthdays are above anything else. Hence, if your loved ones celebrate a milestone birthday, like going past their teens, celebrating their silver and golden jubilees, or turning 40, you must make them feel highly special. So how would you do that? The answer to this question is quite simple: design milestone birthday cards for them. 

You may want to design a beer glass and say something like “Cheers to 40s” or “Goodbye Teens”. Similarly, you may want to design a card for someone celebrating their 50 birthday by writing “Fantastic 50s” or “50 Yet Fabulous”. All you need to do is find the right template from a helpful Cricut design platform and use it. Remember to cut the number first and then paste it on the card. 

Insert Cards for Birthday Wishes

Articulating insert cards through Cricut machines could be the easiest task for you, requiring significantly less time and effort. However, it doesn’t mean these cards look less impressive or subpar. In fact, if you come up with perfect Cricut designs, insert cards could be one of the best presents for your loved ones, who will surely appreciate their design and look. 

Simply choose the templates from a design platform, such as, to help you articulate Cricut designs. You can use a regular cardstock and mat to design the insert card. You can also use a prefabricated one, but you must make some easy modifications to the design for that purpose. Try to use contrasting colors for the insert card to ensure easy readability. 

Flower Birthday Cards

Ladies simply love flowers, whether they are natural or artificial. Floral birthday cards would also impress females. Hence, if you are celebrating a lady’s birthday, designing a flower birthday card could be a perfect greeting and present for them. Some flower cards are more than two-dimensional because a few design elements add another dimension to these cards.

Take the example of a flower birthday card showing a black-eyed Susan with butterflies flying from it. When someone would open such a card, butterflies would pop up, giving the birthday card a special touch that everyone, including the recipient would like. You can also use a simple cardstock and paste flowers of different colors with text saying happy birthday. 

Pop-Up Birthday Cards

How amazing would it be for someone to see 3-dimensional greeting cards on their birthday? Yes, Cricut designs make it possible. You just need to put a little extra effort into the process, and you can create pop-up cards for birthday wishes. You can make a pop-up cake or candles and personalize the card through template designs and a Cricut machine.

In addition, you can also think of pop up cards in the box shape for your loved ones. It could be the best present they could think of on their birthday. Everyone will be impressed by your handicraft skills and creativity. You can also wrap something into box pop up cards and add more to their impressiveness. Multiple cubes would run out of the box with hand-written or Cricut text on them.

Putting it Together

Designing birthday cards yourself could be tricky, requiring you to showcase your creativity skills. However, using Cricut designs and machines can make this task a little less troublesome. If you are looking for ideas to design Cricut birthday cards, this article could be greatly helpful for you as we have discussed multiple creative ideas here. Reading these ideas will surely trigger your creativity to impress your loved ones and those you value with the best birthday greetings on their special day. We wish you luck with the process!

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