20 Best Hashtags for TikTok

TikTok is the breakout app of this year. Before it gets banned, let’s look at some of the best hashtags for TikTok. Hopefully, you can use these hashtags to get a following on TikTok before moving over to YouTube, like most Viners did when Vine went bust.

General Hashtags

You can use these hashtags for any TikTok content you publish to ensure you gain traction and increase exposure.


FYP is the acronym for “for you page.” Many users click and interact with contact on this hashtag because they want to see what’s trending.


You can use #FYP and #ForYouPage in conjunction, but rather test to see which hashtag gives you better results. This way, you don’t seem like you’re spamming with an excessive amount of hashtags.


#ForYou is another viral hashtag because it’s in the for you page grouping. It’s another hashtag you can test to see how many people your video gets recommended to.


It may seem cringe to use the hashtag “viral” and in all honesty it is, especially if your content isn’t viral. What I would recommend is using it in content that either has the potential to go viral or is part of a challenge or series that has gone viral for other TikTokers.

Niche TikTok Hashtags

Although you’re going to get plenty of traction using general hashtags, niche hashtags could help you gain more followers because you’re catering to the likes of a particular group.


If you haven’t seen a TikTok food hack video on TikTok then you’ve probably seen one on YouTube. Video recipes, and particularly food hacks, are remarkably popular on TikTok. If you have a recipe you think others will enjoy, definitely use this hashtag.


There’s something about love that ensures it’s always a popular subject. It only makes sense that this time it would be popular on the breakout app of 2019.


Another desperate, slightly cringe hashtag. The #Followme hashtag acts as a call to action. If you didn’t know, many people need prompting to take action. By simply using the hashtag #followme you’re prompting them to take the kind of action you want them to take.


Comedic content has lived on the internet since the early days of YouTube, before migrating to Vine, and now TikTok. 

If you want to be seen as a powerhouse comedic TikToker use this hashtag to get more exposure.


Pranks always have the potential to go viral if they’re executed correctly and if the prankee has a genuine reaction. This hashtag will get you noticed by people who like to laugh at the expense of others.


For a long time, TikTok was known as the place where teens and preteens dance in a way that seemed cringy to anyone over 21. But, those dance moves have earned TikTokers like Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, and Dixie D’Amelio internet fame. Plus, this list of best hashtags for TikTok wouldn’t be complete without a dance hashtag.


If you’re using an original dance created by another TikToker do the right thing and give them credit. Not only is this a good-faith action, but it also enables you and the original poster to go viral.


If you’re creating primarily dance content on your TikTok, get noticed by the audience that enjoys consuming this content with the hashtag #dancer.


Beauty hacks, just like food hacks, are extremely popular on TikTok. That’s probably because in the US TikTok’s active users are primarily women. Females make up 58.8% of active users on TikTok according to recently released data.


People enjoy watching crafting challenges. They have a calming effect that’s not easy to describe. If you want people to binge-watch and share your content on TikTok, certainly try a crafting challenge.


Although this hashtag has the potential to get you thousands of views and followers in a short space of time, if you’re not following back – which you can’t do on TikTok en masse – most of the people who followed you because of this hashtag will unfollow you.


The epitome of internet fame is to become an internet meme. They’re widely circulated and relatively easy to create while giving each user creative liberties to use it as they choose. Memes are most popular with the comedy crowd on TikTok, but if you create a really good meme you’ve got the potential for it to go viral across social media.


Who doesn’t enjoy some beauty tips? Tik Tok’s primarily teen and female audience clearly wants to look their best because of how trendy this hashtag is.


To get noticed by the TikTok food hack crowd, it’s a good idea to use this hashtag. This hashtag is probably one of the best hashtags for TikTok if you intend to go viral within and outside the app.


Not another food-inspired hashtag! Clearly, food-inspired hashtags get a lot of views and attention. You can swap out some of your other food-related hashtags to see if you get more traction using this hashtag than others. 


Health tips, like food tips, are an excellent way to get views. They’re a gender-neutral topic that if you have legitimate expertise can help others.

Honorary Mentions 

Our honorary mentions didn’t make it onto the list because they’re not going to bring you instant virality. However, if you have more niche topics you can use these hashtags to gain more exposure. Additionally, you can use Ritetag to find other popular hashtags for TikTok.


If you and your BFF are posting content together, use this hashtag to convey the message. It’s an excellent spin-off to the hashtag love.


During quarantine hashtags like fitness goals aren’t doing as well when compared to other hashtags. But, if you’re in the fitness niche, this is the hashtag to use.


A spin-off of #FYP this hashtag isn’t going to get you as much traction but can get you more views than usual.


For a more generic hashtag when sharing information on TikTok, use the hashtag knowledge. This is one of the best hashtags for TikTok if you want to be a resource of valuable information.

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