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How To Get A Voice Acting Job Online

How To Get A Voice Acting Job Online
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Voice acting is one of the few remote jobs you can do as an actor or theater professional. This allows you to continue working while we’re in a global pandemic. But, even if you’re not in theater or acting, everyone has a voice, and with the right direction and skill, you can make money from it.

Tips To Get A Voice Acting Job

Before you can make money as a voice actor, you need to have perfected your skill. Getting a voice acting job is similar to getting any job. You’ll need expertise, a resume, and a desire to find work. If you want to get paid a reasonable rate for your work, you should also consider following these tips.

Consider Voice Training

If you’re going to pursue a job as a voice actor, your voice needs to be in the best shape. Just like singers have voice coaches, voice-overs and voice actors need coaching as well. Because your career depends on how well your voice works, without the proper training, it’s a slippery slope to straining your vocal cords and retiring early.

A voice coach will teach you how to control your voice, enunciate, control your breathing, control your volume, and how to act in different scenes, etc.

Note: If you have a speech impediment before you can go to a vocal coach, you’ll want to start with a speech therapist.

Create A Demo Reel

Once you’ve developed your voice acting skill, you should move on to creating a demo reel. If you’re new to voice acting, you can consider getting demo scripts online, so you can give clients can hear your voice and determine if you’re the voice actor for the job. 

You can host your demo reel on YouTube or the platforms you’re going to use to find jobs.

Improve Your Acting

Besides vocal training, voice actors will also need considerable acting skills. This is where voiceovers differ from voice actors. Voice actors are acting a scene, whereas voiceovers usually narrate a script without the need to develop a character. Some voice actors do both voiceover work and voice acting work, but there is a distinct difference.

Because as an actor, you don’t only have to make your vocals sharp, you also need them to be convincing as the character.

Perfect Your Setup

Your microphone, soundproofing, and the way you’re seated will affect the way your voice sounds in your final audio. Yes, there are jobs where you’ll get to record in a professional studio, but for the most part, you’ll need an at-home setup. 

For a true beginner, a microphone, a pop filter, and a quiet room with enough ‘soft’ furniture should be enough. But once you want to charge clients more, you should consider using a room or walk-in closet that you can soundproof.

Get Audio Editing Software

Most voice actors will also edit their voice acting clips to a certain extent and then deliver the final audio clip to the client. In this case, you want to be sure you have a good audio editing software that is giving you broadcast-ready sound.

Where To Find Voice Acting Jobs

With the right technique and voice, a voice actor can become in-demand rather quickly. In comparison to actors, there are so many more voice acting opportunities available that pay well and have room for advancement. Unlike with acting, you don’t need to be concerned about your appearance or having to be in a specific location, you can continue work from anywhere as long as you have the right studio setup.


You can search for jobs in a specific industry or niche. For example, podcasting, video game, or animation are possible categories you can work in. Once you find jobs you like, you’ll need to audition before getting approval. 


ACX is best for voice actors wanting to break into the audiobook industry. You’ll need to upload samples and audition for audiobooks. But, how you get paid differs slightly from others on this list. You can choose to get paid per 1 hour of completed audio or as a 50/50 royalty split.


Upwork isn’t dedicated to voice acting jobs, but you can find a considerable amount of voice acting work at reasonable rates. In fact, Upwork will be the best for a beginner, as you can continue improving your skills while working directly with clients.


Fiverr is similar to Upwork, however, instead of reaching out to clients, clients can reach out to you. 

The platform is limited as you can’t send through samples or communicate with clients one-on-one. Like Upwork, Fiverr is also beginner-friendly. Your only caution is to be sure you’re not sending samples to clients who want free audio clips. 


VoiceBunny works in a rather complex manner. You first start by creating an account and completing a test. If your submission is approved, you can begin working on VoiceBunny. You’ll either get work through contests, speedies (projects), or bookings.

Voice 123

Voice 123 is very similar to Voices.com. However, on Voice123 you get invited to audition for projects based on the information you provide during sign-up. Clients then listen to your audition, and depending on whether they like your audition, you’ll then be able to negotiate rates. However, to get more than six invitations to audition and appear in more search results for clients, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the premium payment options, which range from $325 a year to $600 a year. 


Bodalgo is an international platform that has just under 10,000 voice actors speaking 80 languages. While it isn’t as popular as other sites on this list, it’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a common accent or voice.

Voice Jockeys

Voice Jockeys gives a set rate for the number of words you read. This means that regardless of the purpose of the project – whether it’s commercial or personal use – you’ll be given a standard rate. However, Voice Jockeys’ fees are extortionate. They take a 50% commission from every order you get through them. If you can stomach that steep of a commission, then you might want to consider using Voice Jockeys.

If you’re a beginner, you may want to start with sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Voice Jockey. Because the rates are less than the industry standards, customers are more likely to forgive a few errors. However, when you reach an intermediate level, you’ll probably prefer working on a site where you’re guaranteed industry rates or consider getting a manager. 

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