Ivana Belakova: When Tattoo Means Art

Spotlight on Ivana Belakova 1x1 2021

Art, creativity, and business acumen combine to create Ivana Tattoo Art. The renowned tattoo artist has let her work speak for itself, leading to social media growth and worldwide recognition. As her Instagram bio reads, she is the only woman in the world whose tattoos are certified as contemporary fine art. 

Not only is this a great feat in itself, but it also displays the magnitude at which Ivana – who has over 20 years of experience – creates.


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Příspěvek sdílený Ivana Belakova (@ivanatattooart)

It’s impossible to miss an Ivana Belakova design. Her style is unique – representative of contemporary illustrations more than line tattoos – and has become her signature. Her work is so distinctive that only encountering her work once will leave an indelible mark. 

The Secret To Ivana Belakova’s Success? 

The real secret to Ivana’s success is her dedication to her art form and fine-tuning her message and appreciation, in other words, her hard work and talent. But there are some elements to her work that contribute to her success, these include:

Creating A Unique Signature With Your Work

Personal branding is critical if you are a creator whose work relies on connecting with your audience. For example, work like podcasting, content creation, or music all need the creator to have a strong personal brand. But when your work is your art, a personal brand isn’t necessary because you can focus solely on establishing your signature style.

For Ivana Belakova, that signature style is a mix between illustrations and youthful inspiration. Her vivid tattoos – which often depict richly colored animals – make her clients and her audience resonate with her. Her art tells her story, and she only has to let that story take center stage on social media.


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Příspěvek sdílený Ivana Belakova (@ivanatattooart)

Establishing A Space For All Creative Pursuits To Get Attention

By being herself and showcasing her magnificent art, Ivana Tattoo Art’s work creates a space where other tattoo artists – and artists in general – can share their creative pursuits. Her work inspires artists to express themselves even if it deviates from the common artistic approach in their line of work. Her work as a tattoo artist is the perfect crossover, allowing contemporary art connoisseurs and tattoo enthusiasts to converge to appreciate the role body art plays in modern art.

Because of her, other artists have:

  1.  the freedom to express themselves regardless of how their art deviates from the norm, and 
  2. inspiration to make tattoo art more mainstream and less of a fringe art.

Diversifying Is The Key To Going Global

Besides creating the most mesmerizing tattoos at her studio in Los Angeles, Ivana has also created an e-shop that sells her designs in the forms of pins, stickers, and full print art.

This diversification allows her to create affordable ways her audience can appreciate her art and support her as an artist. It also ensures that people, who may not want the long-term commitment of a tattoo, enjoy the beauty of her work. Because her work is so distinctive, it makes it possible for most of her audience to appreciate her work as fine art and not just body art.

What You Can Learn From Ivana Tattoo Art

Ivana Belakova has been in the industry for 20 years, long before social media could catapult her success. This decades-long experience enables her to utilize both her ambitions as an artist and her unique use of social media to continue creating successfully.

Focus on Establishing A Defining Characteristic For Your Projects

What makes your projects unique? 

Why would someone want to spend their time engaging with your content? 

Is Your content memorable? 

Scrolling through Instagram, users are bombarded with hundreds of images a day; the same goes for YouTube or any social media platform. Users consume so much content that your content needs to stand out, it needs to say something other content isn’t saying. What Ivana Tattoo Art does is she allows her distinctive imagery to draw in viewers and capture their attention. Besides that, she also finds exciting ways to add new elements to the culture, which will interest anyone who enjoys tattoo art.


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Příspěvek sdílený Ivana Belakova (@ivanatattooart)

Connect With Your Larger Industry

No one is an island, and other artists aren’t your “competition.” Remember that without support from other artists, pursuing projects can be challenging. Ivana Belakova adds to the industry while connecting with those in the industry as well. She has several collaborations with those within and outside the world of body art and many of her core supporters are tattoo artists themselves. 

As a creator with ambitions to grow to Ivana’s size and reach, it’s critical to determine how you can be an asset to your industry, how you can support other artists, and how you can connect and network.

Use Social Media To Share Your Work

In a visual art form, like body art, the primary reason you should use social media is to share your work. Therefore, choose to create a clear separation between yourself and your content. Other creators in the art space who do this impeccably are Seamus Wray. His online profiles online-only showcase his work without revealing much about his life.

While doing this may make you seem distant, it allows people to connect with your work and the story it tells, even if they may not necessarily connect with you. 

This is a fantastic way to create longevity and ensure your work resonates with more people, people who appreciate your art. 


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Příspěvek sdílený Ivana Belakova (@ivanatattooart)

Find Creative Ways To Keep Your Followers Engaged

Unlike influencers, who can create endless content because they are the brand, artists face a challenge because all they can share is their art. If you do not create art every day, your feed can start to become monotonous. Besides, a sparse feed can also inhibit your ability to grow. 

At times like these, Ivana Tattoo Art’s approach is revealing. While tattoo art relies on the recipient’s vision to come to life, which gives Ivana an advantage because she can create content more frequently when she doesn’t have subjects Ivana’s still creating. Even during times like the lockdown, she finds ways to keep her content exciting; collaborating with other creators on projects, finding inspiration from mainstream brands like LV, or doing tattoos in outrageous locations like luxury vehicles. 

She combines her art – the mesmerizing tattoos she creates – with trending interests, ensuring she reaches more people with her social accounts.

Ivana Belakova is not only a beacon of inspiration for creators in body art but also other artistic forms. Her success lies in her ability to break the mold by creating art that firstly speaks to her and then – because of its uniqueness – speaks to her audience.  She is proof that as an artist, it always better to create work that you find inspirational.

Would you like to get tattooed from Ivana? 🙂

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