Kolsquare Webinar: The 2021 Influencer Marketing Trends

In 2021, the influencer marketing landscape will see a series of noticeable changes; as a result, trends will emerge. These trends will surround the latest e-commerce integrations on social media and better – and more accurate – analysis of data to determine the effectiveness of a campaign.

In light of this, Kolsquare – a leading European influencer marketing platform – is revealing what businesses and agencies can expect to be the most significant trends of 2021. Andrea Plata hosts the live webinar which will uncover what businesses and agencies can expect from Influencer Marketing in 2021.

The event breaks down key insights the Kolsquare team has gathered about KOL and influencer marketing. Insights as revealed by leaders in the industry. These insights rely heavily on data that help Kolsquare make accurate predictions about where the industry is headed and what decisive action businesses and agencies can take to ensure they remain at the forefront of these trends.

When To Attend?

The webinar will take place at 09:00 am CET on Wednesday, 16 December. To attend, you will need to register for the event, which you can do here.

Kolsquare webinar


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