6 Best Practices To Make Money From IGTV With IGTV Ads

Instagram recently launched a revenue-sharing model enabling content creators to make money from IGTV with IGTV ads.

Not much information exists on how content creators can expect to earn from the ads – or any requirements they should meet – but this is certainly a step in the right direction if Instagram wants to dominate the creator space. 

Of course, if IGTV will be anything like YouTube (which is likely) there are some best practices your videos should follow.

Best Practice #1 To Make Money With IGTV Ads: Aim for 5 Minute Videos or Longer

The length of your IGTV will depend on your account size, for smaller accounts, it’s 10 minutes and for larger accounts, it’s 60 minutes. However, Instagram is working on removing this limit, but for now, these are your guidelines.

Depending on your content, shorter videos can be a good or a bad thing.

Since Instagram isn’t releasing much information regarding how the revenue sharing will work we can take cues from YouTube and other video sharing apps.

What we’ve learned from other video sharing apps is that longer videos perform better. Therefore, if you would like to earn more from IGTV ads aim for videos of between 5 and 8 minutes in length. Your audience will still be engaged, but the video will probably be long enough to put in a ‘midroll’.

Additionally, creating longer videos could be beneficial. If Instagram does decide to set a minimum requirement to be monetized, having more watch time on your videos increases your likelihood of meeting those minimum requirements.

Best Practice #2 To Make Money With IGTV Ads: Post Frequently

You can’t wait for your views to increase to post frequently. 

The more you post the more likely new viewers will discover your content. This works not only from a monetization perspective but also for growth. Because the more frequently you post the more you’re able to grow on Instagram.

It’s also good to give your viewers consistency so they’re prepared for your videos, and you remain relevant. 

Remember, people have short attention spans. If you don’t post frequently, your content becomes redundant and loses momentum.

Best Practice #3 To Make Money With IGTV Ads: Post An Engaging Preview To Your Feed

You won’t get ANY ad revenue if you don’t get views. At the moment you need to make $50 on YouTube before you get your first check. Instagram may decide to implement similar measures, requiring you to create, not only engaging content but engaging previews.

The preview is what people will see of your IGTV video on your feed. It includes a cover image l and a snippet of your video. To get people to click on the video, you should try to create a preview in a similar aesthetic as the rest of your content.

Best Practice #4 To Make Money With IGTV Ads: Create An IGTV Series

An IGTV series works as an incentive for people to follow your account and gives your viewers something to look forward to or binge-watch. As IGTV introduces payment to creators, more creators will start joining the platform, therefore, it becomes crucial for you to differentiate yourself in the beginning. An IGTV series is a good way to accomplish this. 

Best Practice #5 To Make Money With IGTV Ads: Keep It PG

Once you start earning money from IGTV ads, the next obstacle is to avoid becoming demonetized. Whether Instagram will be as strict as YouTube around demonetization remains to be seen, however, it’s in your best interest to stick to the golden rules for video monetization:

  1. Don’t Use Copyrighted Content
  2. Keep Things Family Friendly

Instagram needs to keep its advertisers happy, so they will likely be monitoring what you post on IGTV, particularly whether or not you meet their guidelines.

Best Practice #6 To Make Money With IGTV Ads: Maximize Your Content For A Mobile Viewer

Most people watch YouTube on their PCs. Instagram is nearly completely mobile, only recently introducing desktop features.

Therefore the content you create for IGTV should be optimized for a mobile viewer. From the volume to the video quality, and the speed of the content.

Some excellent tips to carrying this out are to:

  • Use the correct aspect ratio.

The aspect ratio for IGTV is 16:9. The good news is, you can change your aspect ratio directly from your phone to make it easier to remember.

  • Give people a reason to continue watching

Storytelling (short films, comedic sketches, etc) is extremely popular on IGTV because people are invested in what they’re viewing, causing them to continue watching to the end to find out what happens.

  • Keep things short

Don’t drag out a video just for the sake of it being 5 minutes or more. If a video is only 3 minutes in length, post it. When someone’s viewing content on mobile they’re certainly not wanting to watch a TED talk. 

While Instagram still irons out the finer details of how IGTV ad monetization will work, what the requirements are, and how this will affect their relationship with established creators on the platform, these six tips should give you the upper hand to ensure you make money with IGTV ads. 

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