The Ultimate Ritetag Review: Is It Worth It?

TL;DR: If you want to expedite your social media growth, find targeted and data-driven hashtags with Ritetag

Ritetag was founded in 2012 and has been growing steadily ever since. Although social media usage has increased within the last few years, not many people are talking about Ritetag. Why is that?

Is Ritetag the best-kept secret for social media success or is it overlooked because it just isn’t worth it? In this Ritetag review, we’ll discuss this. 

What Is Ritetag?

Ritetag is an app that enables users to find hashtag suggestions in their browsers. It works both as a browser extension for Chrome and as an app for iOS and Android. Without having to feed the app too much info, it can extract information about what you’re posting or thinking of posting based on images and other keywords in your content.

Digital marketers and social media managers use Ritetag all the time, so why shouldn’t you?

How Much Does Ritetag Cost?l

Ritetag costs $49 per year, which equates to $4 a month or $0,13 a day. It also offers a free 7-day trial, in case you’re hesitant about paying $49 a year or just want to check out the app before committing.

The Pros and Cons of Ritetag

In this Ritetag review, we’ll go over the pros and cons of using the app so you can make an informed decision based on what’s best for you.

Pros of Using Ritetag

Seamless Integration

Ritetag integrates seamlessly with many other social media scheduling apps like Later, Buffer, and Hootsuite. But it also works within the apps you use most frequently like Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Because of this seamless integration, you don’t need to be copying and pasting hashtags from another browser tab but can insert them into your content before you hit publish.

Excellent Hashtag Suggestions

Another amazing feature of Ritetag is that it gives you quite a few hashtags to choose from. For example, if you want to get hashtags about a picture you’re posting to Instagram, you can click on the picture to get suggestions. Ritetag then groups those suggestions into recommendations based on what’s trending and will give you the most exposure at the moment versus what’s going to give you exposure in the long run.

Amazing Price 

If you’re using social media to increase awareness about a project or to increase your influence as an influencer, or content creator then, just like social media managers, you need to be thinking about ROI. Ritetag has an excellent ROI because when using the best hashtags for a post, you’re able to be seen by the right group of people, which in turn enables you to gain a healthy amount of followers. At $0,13 a day, even if you were only to gain one or two additional followers because of Ritetag, it would be worth it!


There’s no learning curve to using the app or browser add-on. Once you download it, it’s relatively simple to learn how to get hashtag recommendations for your content. So, even if you don’t have much “professional” social media experience, you can still see that ROI I mentioned in the previous point.

Cons of Using Ritetag

This Ritetag review wouldn’t be complete without listing some of the apps faults. Although they aren’t comparable to the benefits of using the apps, Ritetag does have some minor drawbacks.


Although I do advocate for the use of Ritetag because of its deep analytics and ease of use, the biggest downfall or con of Ritetag is that it can feel dated at times. Most up-and-coming influencers and content creators are either millennials or Gen Z’s, which means the app needs to get revamped to make it more aesthetically appealing.

Unrealistic Query Amount

Something else that I’ve noticed is how quickly 1,000 queries can rack up. If you’re like many influencers and content creators, you have several social media accounts that you run. If you’re using Ritetag on each one (highly likely), you’ll go through 1,000 queries in a matter of days or weeks.

No Longevity

If you’re not a power user, you may only find Ritetag useful for a few months before you’ve settled on a handful of hashtags that bring you the most results. One thing Ritetag can learn as a small start-up is giving users insights into not only hashtags that are currently hot but hashtags that have the potential to go viral. This way, if you join the bandwagon of a soon-to-be trending hashtag there’s a higher possibility you’ll get viral success before others start using it. Because without this feature you’re essentially going to be using a few relevant hashtags each time you post.

This brings us to the conclusion of this Ritetag review. Is Ritetag Worth It?

Ritetag does offer some excellent integration with popular scheduling apps and data that helps you choose the best hashtag for the occasion. Since it only costs $49 a year, you’re going to make your money back, if not within a couple of months at least within a year, of using the app and/or browser extension.


Our review is independent, but we want to let you know, that we may earn small a commission if you decide to make a purchase of the product or service.

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