Should I Go To College To Be An Influencer

Going to college has become a hotly contested subject for content creators. A lot of the young and popular content creators haven’t gone to college. Then some document their journey in college as a way to connect with the audience that’s grown up watching them. Depending on which creators you follow, you may ask yourself ‘Should I go to college?’

There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question.


But it isn’t something you shouldn’t overlook, because your favorite content career dropped out of college or chose to forego college. Remember, many of them have had these thoughts and had tough conversations with their parents about going to college. In the end, they’ve done what’s best for them – you should do what’s best for you!

I would argue that before you decide against going to college, you seriously consider your career as a content creator or influencer.

Before you say no to college, ask yourself a series of simple yet critical questions, questions besides ‘should I go to college?’


4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Answering ‘Should I Go To College?’

Ask Yourself: What Will Differentiate My Content From Other Creators?

A study revealed that 1 in 3 kids (aged 6 to 17) want to be YouTubers, and many more wanted to do some form of content creation. If all these kids get their way, there’ll be an enormous amount of competition when you begin publishing content.

A good way to determine whether you should or shouldn’t go to college is to determine what makes your content unique when compared to others?

You may think your content is unique, but so do many other creators. A better parameter of your success and longevity will be determining what value you provide to your audience?

College can help you finetune your skills, look at your content objectively and critically so you know what to improve. You’ll also learn plenty of soft skills or life skills that can enhance your content overall. Not to mention, all those lectures you can attend or creative groups you can join that will give you skills you may otherwise have missed out on.

Ask Yourself: What Specialized Skills do I have that I Can Add to My Content?

YouTube has only been around for 15 years, it’s likely younger than you. Because it’s a new platform, it’s also a relatively new career path, making it an uncertain and unpredictable choice. What is the lifespan of a vlogger?

The same can be said for Instagram. Can influencers still charge their expected rates if there are thousands of other ‘influencers’ willing to do it for cheaper?

If you’re thinking about making YouTube or Instagram your full-time job and ask yourself ‘should I go to college?’ because you don’t need a college degree to be a content creator/influencer; reconsider.

Having a specialized skill enables you to diversify to projects away from YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitch. When you grow older, you’ll realize how important it is to have other streams of income that aren’t reliant on trends, unexplained algorithms, and ever changing ad revenue.
Not to mention, having specialized skills presents you with an entirely new genre of videos to upload and content to create.

Ask Yourself: What Can I Study To Be An Influencer?

If you’re concerned about your creativity being stifled at college, you need to expand your view on college. Yes, there’s no degree in Social Media, but you can major in other subjects that are just as liberating for creative individuals.

Subjects like: art, advertising, marketing, public relations, music, architecture, design, and so on.

There are also courses you can take now that will help you navigate the world of social media like a pro.

Ask Yourself: How Can I Avoid Getting Into Debt

Many people question going to college because they’re afraid of getting into debt, and are influenced by others to avoid it. The numbers are persuasive. Forty-five million Americans are paying off student loan debt. However, there are more affordable ways to get a degree and be educated. One way you can avoid getting into debt is by going to a community college close to home and residing in your parents’ home while attending college.

It may not be the college aesthetic you’ve envisioned, but it enables you to master a marketable skill while avoiding a common complaint many graduates have.

In conclusion, if you are interested in becoming an influencer or content creator, like any career, you need to prepare for it. You can prepare for it by gaining enough knowledge on the subject matter and taking courses that are designed to help aspiring content creators, YouTubers, and influencers – like yourself. You can take these courses while asking yourself the question, ‘should I go to college?’ And discover how liberating it is to learn about something you’re passionate about.


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