Spotify Launches Virtual Events

We’re all trying to adapt to this “new normal.” Apps and platforms are being in trying to make it easier for us to continue living – even if it is indoors. In light of this, Spotify is partnering with Songkick and Ticketmaster to launch virtual events. These virtual events enable artists to connect with their fans and earn an income during these times. Something that we could all use more of.

For Artists

There isn’t a way to upload your virtual event directly through Spotify. But you can upload your events to Songkick or Ticketmaster.  Events will automatically propagate from these apps to Spotify. All virtual events that artists list on Songkick will appear on both your artist profile and Concert Hub. However, only a select number of virtual events from Ticketmaster will also appear on Concert Hub.

The best part is that you can choose to live stream your event from any platform – Instagram, YouTube Live, Twitch, or your website.

For Listeners

Spotify’s virtual events enable you to connect with your faves and with soon-to-be faves. You can find virtual events and concerts to attend on the artist profile, or by going to the Concert hub through search mobile or browse on desktop. 

Because most concerts and events are being postponed until 2021 most of the revenue artists make from virtual events is only covering the cancelation or postponement of events for this year. So, as fans and music lovers, it’s vital that you support your faves by attending their events and even sharing the events with others. You can even purchase a ticket for a friend.

Although Shopify is following suit where other platforms already enable artists to host virtual events. The idea of virtual events can have longevity in bringing people from across the globe together. Enabling them to support their favorite artists and creators. 

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