The Unsplash Awards 2020

Validation from peers can have an amazing effect on your creativity and mental health. Therefore, the Unsplash awards are a fantastic opportunity for you to get recognition for your work, not only among peers but by some of the most recognized names in the business. For this reason, it’s ideal that as an aspiring – or established –photographer, you submit work.

The awards celebrate art but also creativity. It’s this celebration of creativity that’s allowed Unsplash to exceed 2 million uploads in addition to expanding their community to 200,000 contributors.

Unsplash is an integral part of the community because they emphasize creativity.

How To Enter The Unsplash Awards

You can only enter using photographs you’ve uploaded to the platform from November 2019 to October 2020. However, photographs taken before then will not be eligible. The submission phase starts on 1 October and ends on 31 October at 12 am PST. 

But you can also submit work that isn’t yet on the platform.

6 Unsplash Awards Categories You Can Enter

Unsplash has an amazing array of categories. Because these categories allow photographers across all disciplines and niches the opportunity to have their work acknowledged and appreciated.


Living in a concrete jungle, you experience new – and manmade – masterpieces, that with a bit of creativity and the right lens, photograph perfectly. This category showcases the creativity of architecture photographers who enjoy capturing an urban setting. The category also highlights the art of architecture.

François Hoang will be the category’s official judge. He is the chief editor and partner of Abduzeedo. Abduzeedo is a creative collective of writers sharing inspiration and information on design, photography and UX.

Current Events

2020 marks the year when we’ve experienced many significant current events. Events from the Black Lives Matter protests, the global pandemic, and stay-at-home orders that made the streets and bustling cities empty. You can submit any of your photographs covering current events to this category.

Erika Allen, the Executive Managing Editor of VICE, will be the official judge of this category. So an entry not only means you’re competing with peers, but also your work is gaining exposure to a top executive in the business.


The opportunity to have your work presented to an editor at Vogue and GQ is something most photographers can only dream of. However, because  Francesca Wallace, who happens to be the e-commerce editor for Vogue, Vogue Living and GQ, is the official judge of this category, it’s all the more plausible.


This category is perfect for exhibiting your creativity and out-of-the-norm photographs. The kind of photographs that elevate your skill and require more mental acrobats to capture.

Slava Kim who’s worked at Coinbase and now is co-founder and head of design at Zora is the official judge of this category.


Interior photography often doesn’t get recognition as a part of the art form. Whether you’re capturing a mesmerizing interior or a view of your living room or kitchen, this category is perfect for aspiring photographers who find exciting ways to capture interiors. Finalists will be officially judged by Livia Antolik, an Online Merchandising Specialist at IKEA. 

Street Photography

Street photography requires a healthy dose of panache and technique to execute beautifully. If you’ve captured the kind of exceptional street photograph that will capture the judge’s eye, this is the best category to submit your work. Besides, the official judge for this category is Nike’s very own design director, Tyler Kealey.

These are only six of the ten categories. The others include: film, people, nature, and health and wellness.

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