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Do you have to move to LA to make a full-time career out of being an influencer? Not if our list of four influencer agency Australia has anything to do with it. To truly succeed as an Australian content creator you need a local agency. You may be surprised to find out that several talent agencies in Australia specialize in helping content creators develop, grow, and monetize their personal brands. We’ve selected four of the best influencer agencies in Australia for our Australian content creators.

Australia Influencer Agencies

The Ministry of Talent

The Ministry of Talent launched in 2012 and has been growing its roster of influencers ever since. No niche’s left behind as The Ministry of Talent has influencers and content creators in illustration, design, beauty, fashion, photography, and parenting to name a few. As an aspiring Australian content creator or budding influencer, you won’t make any mistakes by signing to this Paddington-based influencer agency.

Chic Blogger Management

Located in Sydney, this boutique influencer management agency specializes in pairing bloggers, influencers, and content creators with Australian and international brands. They specialize in managing influencers in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and music. And also have a development division for micro and nano-influencers to ensure they reach their full potential.

TIA Perth

Making global influencer marketing local, TIA Perth is the Australian division of international influencer agency The Influencer Agency. With a strong Australian community of Australian content creators, influencers and aspiring content creators with more than 3,000 followers on any given platform can join the TIA Perth family. Located in Subiaco, Perth, you’ll get local expertise tailored to help you grow among local and international audiences.

Day Management

As a boutique influencer agency in Australia, Day Management has an exceptional roster of nano, micro, and power influencers including YouTubers, Instagrammers, TikTokers, and podcasters. They’ve carefully curated their influencer roster to ensure the brands they work with through influencer marketing receive the utmost engagement. Their roster includes Shonee Fairfax from Survivor S3 and All-Stars as well as fashion blogger Jess Dempsey.

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