Why You Need An Influencer Manager

After uncovering how much the Instagram influencer salary is, it’s become clear that there are some discrepancies in earnings. Some content creators and influencers earn more than others, although they have the same audience size and engagement percentage. 

The reason these influencers earn more from brand deals, collabs, and projects is because of their management. All successful influencers and content creators have management. This influencer manager can form part of an agency agreement, talent manager, or could be as a result of hiring a trusted friend or relative to handle the ‘business side’ of their brand.

TLDR; To achieve long term success as an influencer, you need a manager to handle the business side of your projects and put you in touch with the right people who’ll help you grow.

Having an Influencer Manager is The Key To Expansion

Managers are often frowned upon because they take a percentage of your income from brand deals. But, they’re essential to getting bigger brand deals and better compensation, as they’ll negotiate on your behalf. Influencer managers know exactly how much you should be earning for the work you do. They also have invaluable industry experience and therefore can give you much-needed guidance and advice.

So, if you’re in two minds about whether you should get a manager, here are some reasons you’ll NEED a manager as an influencer.

4 Reasons You Need An Influencer Manager As A Content Creator

Content creators are like modern-day Cinderellas, and managers are like the fairy godmother that granted her wish. If you want to turn your pumpkin into a chariot you’ll need an influencer manager. Although managers don’t have superpowers and can’t grant wishes, you do get plenty of tangible and intangible benefits by signing to them. 

#1: Receive Greater Compensation and Better Deals 

The entire purpose of an influencer manager is to negotiate on behalf of the influencer they manage. They usually know how much brands are willing to pay to collaborate with influencers, and therefore can ensure you’re not being short-changed or exploited. 

They’re also there to guide you through the process when you’re approached by brands, so you know what the contract you’re signing entails, how much compensation you’ll get, and what brands expect when working with you.

#2: Get Connected To Industry Leaders

Influencer managers have tons of connections. This means that if you have aspirations to expand beyond your current content, perhaps into music, art, or business, they’ll be able to put you in touch with industry leaders so you don’t have to navigate new industries alone.

Besides that, you can also gain access to events and networking opportunities that aren’t available to your peers that don’t have managers.

#3: Get Industry Expertise

If you’re like most influencers, you probably don’t know how the industry operates. Brands and corporations will use your naivety and lack of experience to exploit you. But, with a component manager on your side, you’ll get advice on how to navigate the industry, how to improve your craft, and how to manage your workload. Managers can also help you with other aspects of the job, like finding accountants to help you file your taxes and lawyers to ensure your interests are protected when you’re signing contracts. Many influencer managers even take on the role of a publicist and help increase your exposure to a potential audience.

#4: Spend More Time Focusing On Your Craft

The primary job of an influencer manager is to focus on the business aspects of your career, giving you more time to focus on the creative aspects of your job. As you grow as a content creator, trying to manage every element of your job is exhausting and will lead to emotional and physical burnout. The behind the scenes work that takes up so much time is more complex than the creative aspects and requires professionals to complete the job. This is why you’ll see content creators and influencers have teams of professionals helping them, from editors, producers, and assistants, to business managers, lawyers, and accountants. Trying to perform each of these roles alone is impossible. 

Therefore, if you see yourself becoming a full-time creator, getting a manager early on will help you focus on the parts of your job you enjoy, enabling you to build your audience and become as successful as your favorite content creators. 

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