Dior’s TikTok Livestream: What To Learn And Where To Watch

Photo courtesy of: Flaunter on Unsplash

In case you didn’t know, New York fashion week is currently being conducted via live stream. Burberry live-streamed a runway fashion show on Twitch. You can still watch it on their Twitch account and see all the sensational outfits that made the experience memorable.

But having an in-person runway show isn’t possible at the moment. So it only makes sense that luxury fashion houses are finding innovative ways to promote their ready-to-wear lines. This time it’s Dior, and they’re using TikTok.

Where To Watch Dior’s TikTok Livestream

Today (September 29), Dior will be live streaming their ready-to-wear Spring/Summer ‘21 collection on their TikTok account. You can watch it at 16:30 (4:30 pm) GST/ 8:30 am EST. 

What You Can Learn From Dior’s TikTok Livestream

As a creator, this is also the ideal opportunity for you to see how these major brands are using streaming platforms for their events. Events that go beyond the traditional uses of the streaming platform. 

Because we don’t know when things will return to normal, what a brand like Dior can teach you is that you should find new ways to create and reimagine your content so that it’s both engaging while being mindful of the current global pandemic. 

You can still have fun and launch new products, projects, and ideas, but in a different way.

The best thing about live streaming is that it democratizes access to these sorts of shows. Now anyone can attend for free. A great example of another up-and-coming fashion house that’s using social media is Boobie Billie. Boobie Billis is the dog that is using Instagram to quickly develop a loyal following. 

Although Boobie Billie did not promote her accessory line via live stream, it’s another example of how the use of social media can democratize fashion and reimagine beauty standards. For any creator that’s itching to create or promote, understanding that sometimes it’s better to do so digitally, is crucial.

Yes, in-person promotion may be fun, but digital promotion can be just as fun. The best thing about promoting your brand or idea on social media is that you are sure to find a target audience, which may not be the case if your location is limiting you.

There are many other examples of artists, creators, and musicians using the level playing field which new media creates. Artists like Seamus Wray, musicians like Dayglow, and content creators like Emma Chamberlain or D’Angelo Wallace.

Because there isn’t any barrier to entry for people who are interested (they don’t have to pay a fee) nor are their limitations for artists and creators, your only limitation is your imagination and creativity. 

What Are You Going To Do To Learn From High Fashion Using Social Media?

So, are you going to be watching Dior’s live stream to take notes on how you can elevate your ideas using TikTok? Or, if you’ve missed it, why not watch Burberry’s show on Twitch?


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